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Private Yoga Classes

New to yoga or ready to take your practice to the next level? No problem! I offer private and semi-private classes to help you reach your goals in yoga. Regardless if you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, I will create a specialized class based off of what you want to achieve, no mater how big or small. Many times in a large group setting, the individual needs of a student will get lost in the needs of the whole class. It's impossible for a teacher to help every person, at all times. However, private classes give you every opportunity to grow without the distraction of packed classes and sequences generalized for every participant.

The benefits of privates:

  • personalized sequences to target specific goals, intentions and injuries

  • one-on-one instruction for precision in alignment, verbal cueing and hands on adjustments

  • focus on breath work and meditation for stress relief, better sleep and overall mental/emotional/physical wellness

  • classes scheduled at the convenience of client- I will travel to desired destination whether that be a home or local park, etc

  • I provide props (i.e. blankets, blocks, bolster and strap) to support and comfort the body as it learns new movements

  • includes music, essential oils and other healing modalities to make it a full therapeutic experience, rather than a standard yoga class

Sound Healing / Sound Bath Meditation

Sound Healing is a 2,000 year old Tibetan wellness practice. This form of meditation is accompanied by the acoustic harmonies of crystal bowls, attuned to each of the chakras (energy centers), in your body. They are made from 99.99% quartz crystal, creating a vibration and beautiful sound that resonates with your own frequencies, which addresses different aspects of the body's needs. This sound experience is a sensory journey which stimulates auditory and sometimes visual occurrences for the practitioner. Often times referred to as a “bath”, the sound waves created by the singing bowls are a visceral feeling as if you are being washed in waves of water. Practitioners use words like “cleansed” and “cleared” to describe their experience.

Singing bowls are incredibly powerful with many benefits to release trauma, balances the mental/emotional states and also invite grounding and/or spiritual awakening. On a physical plain, they create wave patterns equivalent to the alpha waves in the brain. Researchers have proven that the sound waves affect the nervous system and reduce blood pressure more than traditional meditation. The pure tones interact with the crystalline structure of our blood, bones and DNA promoting restoration on a cellular level.

Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

The practitioner lays back in a comfortable, supported and supine position while receiving the healing sounds for up to an hour. This deep relaxation will recharge and rejuvenate you, experience one today!

If you want to book a private or semi-private session, corporate, business or personal event - please visit my contact page for any inquiries.

Corporate Yoga

Offering yoga to your office is the latest and greatest for the health and wellness of your employees. Give your workers an opportunity to step away from their desks, to find some movement and breathing in their stressful work day.

I offer 60-minute classes ranging from gentle to power yoga for corporate facilities to help improve sleep and work efficiency in the office. Yoga will also enhance circulation and flexibility, build strength, relieve aches and pains, as well as aid in stress management and mental clarity. Create an exceptional disposition in the work place by bringing your faculty together for a sense of community and an overall wholesome environment. I provide yoga blocks to help support your staff learn new movements.

For more information, please visit my contact page for details in booking rates or any other questions you may have.

public classes

I teach weekly for Kinship Studios in Highland Park with classes freely available to everyone. If you are interested in a group class setting, here are my scheduled studio days/times:


Kinship Studios: Yinship at 12:00pm

Kinship Studios: Yinship at 6:00pm


Kinship Studios: Yinship at 3:45pm


Kinship Studios: Power Hour!! at 12:00pm


Kinship Studios: Yinship at 1:00pm

Reiki Services & Holistic Nutrition Coaching

Info coming soon!